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Thank you!Your feedback is valued

I like to encourage you to sign my guestbook because I like to know who has visited my website and how you liked it.

But please allow me to point out a few things before you do so:

The "Title" field is actually the title of your entry, not your personal title. That bit of information just to avoid confusion.

Please don't be disappointed when your entry does not appear immediately. Even though I have integrated some protection against spam, nothing works 100%. I will review every submission and then publish it manually which - unfortunately - can take a few hours or in rare cases even days. Your submission is valued nevertheless.

Please be aware that just because something is available on the internet it cannot be assumed to be open source. Pictures, videos and texts (e. g. song lyrics) might be under copyright and you should only include these in your posting if you have the right to do so.

By submitting your entry you affirm that you have the legal right to publish the content and unless I am informed otherwise, I will assume that this is in order. However, I do reserve the right to remove an entry at any time and for whatever reason I want.

Thank you for your understanding.


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