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Domestic Flights

Australia has a number of airlines operating in the domestic market but only three of these have a network that goes across the entire country. Let's take a closer look at the contenders and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the airlines.


Qantas is not only the oldest and largest of the Australian airlines, it also has the largest domestic network and is the only one that is a member of one of the large international airline alliances.

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International Flights

Unless you are already living in Australia and want to explore your own country, you will first have to consider how to get to Australia. The most obvious way is of course by plane and Qantas (originally this is an acronym for "Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service") offers more flights to Australia than any other airline and if your distination is not one of the major cities, Qantas and OneWorld Alliance partners might actually be your only choice at least for the last leg of your journey.

As you can see, alliances are quite important as no airline can service all destinations. So let's look at these first.

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