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Silverton GalleryGallery in Silverton
Photo: John O'Neill
When you leave Broken Hill in north-western direction and follow Silverton Road for about 25 kilometres, you will reach the village of Silverton after wich the road was named. The population peaked in the 1890's at around 3,000, following findings of silver. But as quickly as people came they left again. By 1901 the population was already down to less than 300 and today not even 100 souls live here.


In 1888 the Silverton Tramway, a 56 km long narrow gauge railway was opened. It connected Cockburn in South Australia with Broken Hill and lead through Silverton. This railway was in operation until 1970 and formed an important link between the standard gauge New South Wales Government railways and the narrow gauge railways of South Australia. By then South Australia had converted to standard gauge as well and connected a new line directly to the New South Wales Government railway, pushing the Silverton Tramway out of business.

Many historic buildings and a historic cemetery are remnants of a time when silver findings brought wealth to the region and together with art galleries and the Silverton Hotel which appeared in multiple movies are enough attraction to justify the short drive from Broken Hill.

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